Heathfield Youth Drama
Heathfield Youth Drama



We compete in Festivals across the county.


This is a photo of our talented students at the Kent College Choir Performances, March 2018. 


Our students always perfom incredibly well in festivals achieving high marks and trophies.


We are proud of each and everyone one of them.


Why take exams?

We encourage students to take examinations for a variety of reasons.

It gives them confidence, they feel that they have achieved a certain standard and the Higher exams Carry UCUS points which help entry into further education. It is a documented fact that employers take exams in Speech, Drama Spoken/Public Speaking and Acting into consideration on job applications. Universities also look favourably on these exams and will count the UCUS points as part of the entry process.


Exam content

The exams are divided into grades from Grade 1 to 8, with grades 6,7 & 8 carrying UCAS points. They are also divided into subjects Speech and Drama, Verse, Acting, Spoken English, Musical Theatre. They can be taken as a solo exam, in pairs or as groups. They can cover the speaking of poetry and prose, sight reading, storytelling, acting, mime, improvisation,  giving a talk , theory along with some coursework.  Different exams cover different periods in including Shakespearian to modern day. 


Different boards have different syllabuses which suit different children but the standards are the same. All boards are regulated by OFQUAL. 

We use two boards, LCM and Trinity, examiners from each are sent to us.

We discuss with both the student and parents which exam we think will be suitable for each child and which they will enjoy the most.

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